Tebby RamasikeTebby Ramasike

South African-born choreographer, dancer, dance teacher, came to Europe in 1995 to live and work in The Netherlands and internationally, after working professionally in several theatres and dance companies in South Africa and abroad.

Tebby Ramasike organizes and teaches dance courses and dance workshop in African dance, afro-contemporary, afro butoh, improvisation, etc. in Arlon, Luxemburg, Esch sur Alzette, Paris, Amsterdam, etc.

African Dance workshop in ArlonAfrican Dance Workshop (with live music)

** This workshop is open to everybody at all levels.

Date : Sunday, October 20, from 2pm till 5pm
Where : Ecole de Danse Sophie Gobert
               Parc des Expositions
               6700  ARLON (BELGIUM)
Fee : €35,00 (if registered and paid before October 18) / €45,00 (if paid on Sunday October 20).

Informations & Registration detail, by email : tbodance@yahoo.co.uk


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