Soul of Africa Paris10.3.2010 in Arlon (Belgium)
The Soul of Afrika : A Homage to my ancestors
Concept & choreography : Tebby W.T. Ramasike
Performance : Tebby Ramasike (dance)
                   Fabrice Richard (percussions & voice)
Music : - "Bowmboi" by Rokia Traore,
           - "The untold story" by Sibongile Khumalo and Themba Mkhize
           -  live composition by Fabrice Richard
Duration : 30 minutes 
Description :  "A troubled soul that has no rest and peace of mind, appeals to the gods below for guidance - to be shown the righteous way in a world full of deceit, betrayal, disrespect, fear and mistrust. This soul appeals to the gods to be cleansed and healed in order to regain that internal peace. This is a cry & prayer that shall give a peaceful life to the soul and spirit that shall inherit this earth."
Date & Time: Wednesday the 10th of March 2010 at 20h30
Fee:  15€ (regular price)  -  8€ (reduce price)  (or with "Metro" ticket)
Reservation : by phone thru Maison de la Culture : +32 63 24 58 50
Contact:  Tebby W.T. Ramasike - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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