21.02.2015 In Search of a Soul, Performance - Berlin (Germany)
Date : 21st of February 2015 - 20h - Tebby Ramasike - In Search of a Soul
            Hasenheid, 9
            10967  BERLIN
            Gewerbehof - Aufgang 1, 3. OG
Price : 5-10€ (sliding scale).
More information : TATWERK BERLIN

Choreography & dance: Tebby W.T. RAMASIKE
Music: Jean-Louis Etienne, Ascobans, Nawang Khechog, Sacred Spirit, Colin Offord, Hiroko Komiya with Lena Circus, Black Sun Productions
After an appeal of the the gods/ancestors to a man, he is commanded to take a ritualistic journey to undergo a purifying initiation in order to heal the suffering and the pain of the spirit of his people. He is the chosen to symbolically represent the chief and the society.

This solo is a follow-up of the duet "THE UNTOLD STORY: Song of the Earth", created and performed during a choreography research period at the artists' residency of Palazzo Rinaldi situated in the natural park and of Noepoli in Basilicata, Italy. This solo premiered at the Butoh Dance Festival at Espace Culturel Bertin Poirée de TENRI, in Paris, France, in June 2011.
This solo is the 3rd part of a journal of collective dance works under the frame of an ongoing interactive, multidisciplinary, cross-over collaborative project, under the collective work title, "WALKING THROUGH: A Journey ... A Memory ... A Recollection ... The Meeting".
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